FC Redbud's Rodeo Clown  
American Field Champion

GSPCA 2005 Open Gun Dog of the Year #5

3 X NFC FC Rawhide's Clown
NAC/RU NC/FC/AFC Gertrude's Blue Brandi, JH

            FC AFC Mosegaard's Jigs                                              DC AFC Shill Rest's Impressive MH CDX
FC Jigs White Smoke                                              Meier's Son Of Impressive
                               Schatten's JJ                                                            FC Randa's Elkhorn CR Princess
NFC FC Rawhide's Clown                                         NAC FC AFC Gertrude's Blue Brandi JH
                      FC Smokey Ike's Blaze                                          NFC FC Rawhide's Clown
FC Rawhide's Josie Wells                                        Gertrude's Esobud's Clown
                FC Moeswinkle's Duches V Jake                            Esobud Sadie Sue JH

January 2, 2006: Shooting Dog Champion, Southeastern Continental Breed Shooting Dog Championship, Cobbtown, GA

December 18, 2005: Runner Up Open Shooting Dog, Fly Away American Field Trial, Ray City, GA
December 16, 2005: 4th Open Gun Dog Central FL GSPC

November 28, 2005: Winner of the One Hour American Field Shooting Dog Stake at Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club, Cobbtown, GA

November 18, 2005: 4th Open Limited Gun Dog GSPC of Atlanta

September 26, 2005: 2nd Open Gun Dog GSPC of NE out of 56 dogs

September 3, 2005: 2nd Open Limited Gun Dog GSPC of Lincoln, NE out of 25 dogs

September 2,  2005: 2nd Open Gun Dog GSPC of Lincoln, NE out of 25 dogs

Redbud's Rodeo Clown is a littermate of:

FC Echo's Little Bit of Clown
-NGSPA Futurity Champion
-RU AKCPointing Breed
Gun Dog National Champion
-2004 AKC Open Limited Gun Dog
of the Year RU
99 Field Points with 30 wins through April 
Click here for more information on "Bitty".
Rodeo's dam:
National Amateur Champion/
RU National Champion/
FC/AFC Gertrude's Blue Brandi, JH
Rodeo's sire:
3 X NFC FC Rawhide's Clown
Roadie will be available at stud while he is training with Ray this fall and winter.

Click here for information on Roadie's fall litter with outstanding GSP "Whisper".

Roadie has a spring breeding planned with Dixie and a fall litter with Lucy.  Call Ray for more info.

Rodie's pups are winning in the field:
Ricochet's Arrieta
1st: Open Puppy at Tampa Bay Vizsla Club 4/05
1st: Open Puppy at GSPC of Lincoln, NE 9/2/05
1st: Open Puppy at Nebraska Brittany Club 9/9/05
1st: Open Puppy at GSPC of E Iowa 9/16/05
1st out of 22: Open Puppy at GSPC of Nebraska 9/23/05
Rodeo and  Whisper's pups-
Walt pictured below at 11 months.
Raodie backing his sister, FC Scattergun's Maggie