Fully Automatic Ike

German Shorthaired Pointer
Fully Automatic Ike

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Whelped 1/02/1996
SN308628/02    FDSB# 1453328
OFA Excellent
Ike is known nation wide as being one of the most natural front running dogs ever seen when he was competing as a puppy and derby.  His littermate FC Fully Automatic Gabby is a multi American Field Champion.  Ike is one of the few Saddle sons who is a  proven strong producer of front running dogs with gorgeous style on birds and great handle.  He is a proven producer of Field Champions.

Ike is being  backed by his daughter "Risky" who finsihed her Field Championship in 4/05 and is one Amateur win away from her AFC.

Ike's litter of pups with "Cookie" from April 2004 shows incredible style on birds.  This breeding will be repeated with pups due fall of 2005.  Look at how the pups have grown up below.
Ike x FC Echo's Little Bit of Clown pups arrived June 11th.  Click here for more information on the pups.  Contact Ray (478) 864-0671 or Ed Moody (386) 679-1198 regarding this breeding. 
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The Ike and Cookie pups have turned into top field trial derby dogs.

            Dee                                               Issy                                    Jesse
From the 2004
Ike x Cookie litter:
2005 Puppy/Derby Dog of the Year May 2005 GSPCA Shorthair Journal: Automatic Hi-Tailyn She IZ  "Izzy" is the Shorthair Journal's #1 Dog of the Year in the just published May 2005 issue.  Congratulations Bill and Zach Bhame on their owner-handled achievement!